Which ingredients will help me soften my skin?

We all aspire to have beautiful, soft skin that looks and feels young, but this is harder for some than it is for others. Whether this involves too much exposure to sunlight or having naturally oily skin, some people find it difficult to obtain the level of softness they desire from their skin. They should try various cosmetic products that allow them to improve their skin tone, as well as the texture and then help maintain and protect it.

To restore the natural balance of your skin you should look for products that contain ingredients that will replenish the H2O and oil levels. There are a variety of oils that can accomplish this due to their rich vitamin and antioxidant content which strengthens the skin. Argan oil has an abundance of both and works well for anti-aging purposes, as well as making the skin softer to the touch. Apricot oil has a high content of oleic and linolenic acids that penetrate the skin without leaving it oily and act as great moisturizers. Sea buckthorn oil and neroli oil are also great ingredients with many therapeutic properties that are capable of preventing wrinkles and dry skin and accelerating skin healing.

You should also look for other ingredients with restorative capabilities. Soapwart and chitosan are great at restoring the skin and making it softer. Licorice can also prove useful due to its high content of carbohydrates, flavonoids and organic acids. Mistletoe has anti-inflammatory capabilities and will protect your skin from further damage. Ceramides 3 are also helpful ingredients that not only make the skin stronger, but also more elastic. Lastly, hyaluronic acid has high hydrophilic qualities, being capable of restoring normal water levels in your skin and preventing it from drying out.

You can find all of these ingredients in our Liquid Gem Face Oil. It is a carefully balanced botanical blend of organic and chemicals-free oils and is one of our finest facial moisturizers. This is a potent deep penetrating blend for reducing the signs of dry and aging skin. Carefully designed combination of active healing ingredients is superb for daily use and especially great for post-peel and post-laser applications. Beneficial for such conditions as acne rosacea, atopic dermatitis and eczema. When your skin needs extra hydration use Liquid Gemâ„¢ facial moisturizer for a concentrated moisture boost.

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