Winter Skincare

During the winter season it is especially important to protect the skin on your body. Here are some skincare tips that I regularly tell my customers:

  • Protect skin on your body with dry brushing before shower. It stimulates circulation and exfoliates. Use a natural bristled brush or mitt and make brush stroked toward your heart to avoid the rupture of blood vessels or varicose veins.
  • Protect the skin on your face with layering, just like your body with layers of clothing. Always start with serums. Good ones can go down to the dermis layer of skin. Start with an antioxidant serum like Oridel Green Tea Supercharger, then apply a thicker textured lotion/cream on top of the serum and massage in with light strokes.

Remember, never stretch or pull skin while applying skin treatments, especially when putting on eye cream. To avoid damage, use your ring finger to apply creams and serums as it is weaker than your pointer finger. You don’t want to cause harm as you try to stay beautiful. The skin on your face is paper thin, and easily damaged!


  • Lactic acid or glycolic acid body lotions are ideal for winter. To eliminate dry winter skin on your body and feet, ask your Doctor for a prescription for “Lactic Acid 10% Lotion” (in my practice I offer a 12% glycolic acid body lotion as it’s more potent). Use it as a nighttime moisturizer.

Now is time to retexture skin on body parts people don’t see in the winter, like legs.


  • For the winter months all of my clients go use Oridel Velvet as their go to moisturizing cream. I love the simplicity of using it, it’s for your eyes and neck as well as face. Sea-buckthorn is highly soothing 4 dry winter skin. Sea-buckthorn is also an antioxidant with vitamin content second to none.