Natural Skin Care

Many people don’t realize that humans have been making their own skin care products for centuries. If you think about it, there hasn’t always been these synthetic products that we’re use to. Only in the past 60 years have people started to turn toward chemicals which created the chemical world we currently live in. But your body takes more vitamins and nutrients that are naturally grown in the earth than it takes out of the man made synthetics. And a lot people don’t realize we’re completely surrounded by these nutrients in everyday plants, seeds, herbs, fruits and oils. Like with eating the fruits, plants, ect, the fresher the better, because fresh ingredients contain all the vitamins and enzymes that are damaged or destroyed under heat and processing. The same applies for skin care products, the fresher, natural ingredients allow the vitamins and enzymes to go directly into your skin more efficiently.

So we must ask ourselves “Is it better to use time tested, harder to find natural skin care products or the easier to find over the counter products you can pick up in your local drug or department store.”

A common misconception is all natural products are more expensive. But natural products can be surprisingly cost effective. Choosing a natural skincare line, like Oridel, that incorporates quality ingredients not only means less product is needed, but it may also eliminate the need for additional products such as soothing moisturizers to combat secondary dryness brought on by chemical products. Despite common perceptions, high-end natural products don’t have to come with a steep price. Oridel hosts a large line of natural acne and anti-aging products that are not only affordable, but readily available too. By combining natural cures such as Sea Bucktorn oil in harmony with other naturally healing essential oils, Oridel creates vibrant and healthy skin, which looks ageless.

Don’t forget what we put onto our bodies, we also put into our bodies. Health conscious people are becoming more and more aware of the food we place into our bodies. The same attitude should be taken when considering skincare products. Whether it is lotion, anti-aging serums, or an acne regimen, our skin absorbs over half of the products we put on it, so why use chemical toxins?