How to Care for Dry Skin

Dry skin is unlike other any other skin type. With dry skin you’re not looking to reduce oil, but add moisture. Dry skin can be identified by almost invisible pores, a dull completion, red patches, less elasticity, and more visible lines. When exposed to drying factors, skin can crack, peel, or become itchy, irritated, or inflamed. If your skin is very dry, it can become rough and scaly, especially on the backs of your hands, arms, and legs.

Causes of dry skin are genes, aging, weather, tanning, medications and ingredients in soaps, cosmetics and cleaners. Fortunately, most dry skin comes from environmental factors that can be controlled. These include exposure to hot or cold weather with low humidity levels and excessive bathing.

A very common place for dry skin is the chest due to sun damage. The skin on the chest gets so dry because of the UV damage, there are no oil glands, and it typically gets forgotten in the skin care regimen. All of that can add up to prematurely old looking skin on a woman’s chest. So never stop your anti aging regimen at the jawline, include your neck and chest. Just like hands give away your real age, so does your neck. There is one way to prevent lines on your chest, and that is to start sleeping on your back! It will take time to get used to. And use Retinol at night and sunscreen during the daytime. One other way to remositurize dry chest skin is to exfoliate. But stay away from harsh grainy scrubs, use light acid peels and Retinol every other night. Retinol or Retin-A are great for your chest. However, since the chest has no oil glands, and skin there is thinner, use common since and don’t over treat the delicate skin.

Very dry flaky skin is often see on women 50 and older. We don’t have the same levels of estrogen we used to have. So we have to moisturize regularly. Middle-aged woman should apply cream, oil, lotion, or some sort of good lubricant to your skin every 12 hours. A good natural body oil that will mimic skin’s sebum, a natural oil/lubricant is Jojoba oil. Protect your skin from being dry in your younger years so you’ll have to do less work in your later years.

How to care for Dry Skin

Some tips for caring for dry skin are taking shorter baths and showers, using unscented mild soaps and cleaners, applying a rich moisturizer right after bathing, like Oridel Velvet Night Cream, using a humidifier(set at 45-55%), and wear gloves while cleaning. Also wear cotton and other natural fibers. Wool, synthetics, or other fabrics can be scratchy and irritating. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and eat omega-3 rich foods. The fatty acids can help build the skin’s natural oil-retaining barriers. Foods rich in omega-3 include cold-water fish (salmon, halibut, sardines), flax, walnuts, and safflower oil. Lastly keep away from strong facial cleansers, I use Oridel Face Cleaner With Sea Buckthorn. If you would like to help treat your dry skin with a mask, I would suggest you use an oil based mask. A great homemade mask would be ½ banana smashed, 1tb honey, and 2tb sour cream. Mix together and apply to skin, leave on for 10-20 minutes.

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Dry Skin Solution

Dry Skin Solution

Dry skin is one of the most common skin problems. In order to stay supple and soft your skin needs to retain its natural moisture. Harsh weather conditions, especially in the winter, direct sunlight and even things like central heating in our homes or offices have the effect of drying the skin out, and it quickly loses its natural moisture and oil leading to dry flaky and chapped skin.

Restoration of natural moisture and oil balance results in improvement of the skin’s protective barrier and improves its appearance.

The solution to your dry skin problem is found in combination of gentle non-stripping, soap-less cleanser (such as Oridel Face Foaming Cleanser), serums (such as Green Tea Supercharger Serum) and  moisturizers (Oridel Liquid Gem, Silk or Velvet) that restore the moisture and oil balance.

Simples steps to eliminate dry skin.

1.    Cleanse

Cleanse with Oridel Face Foaming Cleanser with Sea Buckthorn. This soap-less formula leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.

2.    Restore H2O Balance

Apply Oridel active Green Tea Supercharger Serum-Gel all over your face including the under eye area. This will restore the water balance in your skin. This formula is like green salad for your skin containing all-important antioxidants and vitamins.

This will accomplish the first part of your Dry Skin Solution – restoration of your skin’s H2O balance. But as we know even the best green salad will not be fully assimilated by your body unless you supplement it with oil.

3.    Restore Oil Balance

Most people with slightly dry skin or younger women and men will benefit from just this simple combination of Green Tea Supercharger Serum and Liquid Gem Face Oil: Two pumps of Green Tea Supercharger followed by one pump (3-4 drops) of the Liquid Gem Face Oil and you are all set!

However for many pre- and postmenopausal women especially in the winter dry season the addition of a moisturizing cream may be very beneficial. Just follow the application of the Green Tea Supercharger Serum in the step 2 and seal the moisture by applying the Oridel Velvet Moisturizing Cream. This truly unique rich “miracle” cream with Sea Buckthorn is your go-to solution for the delicate under eye and neck areas as well.

If you are having dry skin issues but also have oily areas like T-zone please try Oridel Silk Moisturizing Cream with Sea Buckthorn. Oridel Silk is a lighter, thinner cream that works for practically any skin type. Once again, use Green Tea Supercharger Serum first to restore the water balance and then, right away, without waiting for it to dry follow with the Oridel Silk cream and blend two products while spreading them over your face.

Another wonderful product we recommend for harsh dry conditions is Oridel Park Avenue Serum with Emu Oil. It is luxurious in texture and is incredibly soothing for dry skin.  This product will be your constant companion when you take trips and have to fly. A couple of pumps of the Park Avenue serum following the Green Tea Supercharger serum, before you step on the plane, is all you need to give your skin that glowing complexion and to protect your skin from super dry air during the flight.

We can’t imagine boarding the plane without it! We even re-apply this combo once or twice for longer flights!