Hyped Today Gone Tomorrow

There are many products on the market and they are like fashion – they will be out of style before you know. There are many products on the market and they are like fashion – they will be out of style before you know it. They are hyped today gone tomorrow.

At the same time there are things that are from nature, from God and they have been proven not just through centuries, but through millenniums! They have been with us forever and they will be with us forever. And I think my products are based on what nature gives, there no expiration day on the philosophy underlying them, they are not gimmicky and will serve people for years to come.

New technologies will be developed, new scientific breakthroughs in skin care will happen, we all welcome them. But my products will always have their place to be incorporated in a skin care daily regimen because they are based on the time tested healing qualities of ingredients known for centuries to help.

And the claim is not to just lift, not to just tighten or pull, but to sooth, to heal, they are highly anti-inflammatory and they can fit into absolutely any skin care regimen, whether it is designed by a doctor, or a skin care specialist…

Say if you were stranded on a desert island and could only take just one product – what product would that be? I say it should be my Face Oil (Liquid Gem). Because this product can be used all over your face, all over the neck, all over your body – basically if it’s got skin it’s good for it.

Lots of my successful friends use expensive dept store lines, Newman Marcus, Saks, etc like La Prairie, Sisley, Cream La Mer they are fabulous creations, they are fine and that is not going to be debated here.

But I find that my clients who rely on my products that I created and developed, and they have used for years under my guidance, they cost a fraction of what some my friends pay in major department stores. And I can tell you my clients, they look better, they look fresher, their skin is glowing and the money that is left in their pocket, that they did not spend on a super expensive skin care that money they can spend on something else, whatever else they desire.