Soothing Skin Treatments

These days, as we know, there are multiple “fabulous” products flooding the market, one better than the other, and the claims are humongous: every other company claims that it has found a “fountain of youth”.

In reality we know that there are only a few things that really work. They can work on the cellular level, they are tretinoic acids  – Retin A, (or Retinol, Renova, Tezerac, etc); anti-oxidants and acids (like Glycolic acid). So these are the key ingredients that can make a difference. Unfortunately, Retin A , Retinol, etc and Glycolic acid even though they reconstitute the skin, they will also make the skin surface very sensitive and sometimes peely and red. We do need to use these products, but to do it with minimum irritation, you have to balance it with something which is soothing and not irritating. My Liquid Gem comes into play with a number of great ingredients, starting with Sea Buckthorn Oil which is a great anti-burning, anti-inflammatory cure.

I’ll give you an example: take a woman 45-50 plus, she went to a dermatologist and he recommended a laser treatment for her in order to rejuvenate her skin. Ok, no problem, so she goes and has her treatment done. After the treatment her skin is incredibly sensitive, its pink, its oozing, or is just flaky. What to do? The first product in the line of defense would be Liquid Gem. The oil is a highly anti-inflammatory treatment and it will balance it without any chemicals and it will do it extremely quickly. Sea Buckthorn is one of the ingredients and is especially good at stabilizing the skin and healing burns.

Or take another scenario where a person goes to a dermatologist and gets an anti-aging protocol which includes Retin A, Tezerac, or one of those retinoid acid products. She uses the product for a week and realizes that her skin is incredibly sensitive, and she cannot continue her treatment because her skin is angry, is red and flaky. So what to do? Well, there is a technique which is called buffering with a moisturizer and I would suggest, again, using our Liquid Gem which will be absorbed into the skin within minutes. You would just prep the skin with this product, let it absorb for about 10 minutes, and then go ahead and use your Retin A, (or Retinol, Renova, Tezerac, etc) treatment.

You will get the results, they may come a bit slower but you will not pay the price of the sensitive, irritated skin.

I am in this business to simplify women’s lives

I am in this business to simplify women’s lives, to break myths of “hugely effective” and “easy” skin care regimens that consist of many, many steps anyway, and a lot of them are just gimmicky steps.

I want to make women’s lives as easy as possible, I want them to spend the least amount of time taking care of their faces, but I want to show them the way to get the maximum benefits for the time and money they spend.

Every year new products come to the market and every year women come in to my business and they ask me if this or that product is worth their time and their money.

Most of the time I say no, because when the new products come out they do not have a history of performance, often the manufacturer’s claims are over the top, and who would ask for an honest report from them? Remember when you come to a department store counter to buy skin care, the person on the other side needs to make a sale, that is how they get paid, and who can blame them for trying to make a living?!

But I must look into my clients’ eyes for years to come, and I have been in this business for 28 years! I recommend no product until I have tried it on myself for a period of time to find its effectiveness and possible side effects, and only then I might bring it into my practice, and that is how I keep my clients for years and years, and work with their children, and now with their children’s children!

We all know that in order to keep the skin youthful looking you have to follow some basic steps of a skin care regimen: you have to cleanse your skin, you have to use astringent or a toner that helps to remove or reduce the cleanser’s film if there is any left and to prep the skin for the steps of moisturizing, and/or a night treatment.

Also you have to use exfoliates of different sorts to keep the skin fresh, to make sure that any product that you are going to put on your clean skin will have the best ability to penetrate the outer barrier of the skin.

What I learned from my experience of now close to 28 years is that simplicity is a key to any woman’s successful skin care regimen. If it is something unduly complicated, involves too many steps, she is not going to do it! Who has time? Whether it’s a housewife who has a husband and children to take care of, or a busy working woman, nobody has time for 25 steps, or a lot of jars in their possession!

I feel strongly that people need to understand why they use certain products and why they go through certain steps. Without going into the science they have to be able to explain that this product is a Microdermabrazion cream, and it polishes my skin, and it allows anything else that goes on top of it to be able to be absorbed better. If it’s a toner (or Astringent as I call it) they have to be able to explain that this is something that will reduce the amount of makeup or oils that may be left on my skin to the bare minimum, so, again, anything that goes on top of the skin will penetrate even better. Every step has to make sense – it is like a puzzle and each piece of the puzzle has to fit.

So my point is that without going after any big “scientific” names, without having too many products women just have to have the basics – but those basics have to be effective.

And this is my point in having created this line: for women being able to relate, being able to explain to their girlfriends, or anybody else, why they use it, what the products consist of, and basically, just feeling good about what they are doing, enjoying product’s feel under their hands when they apply them, and, of course, the results.

Hyped Today Gone Tomorrow

There are many products on the market and they are like fashion – they will be out of style before you know. There are many products on the market and they are like fashion – they will be out of style before you know it. They are hyped today gone tomorrow.

At the same time there are things that are from nature, from God and they have been proven not just through centuries, but through millenniums! They have been with us forever and they will be with us forever. And I think my products are based on what nature gives, there no expiration day on the philosophy underlying them, they are not gimmicky and will serve people for years to come.

New technologies will be developed, new scientific breakthroughs in skin care will happen, we all welcome them. But my products will always have their place to be incorporated in a skin care daily regimen because they are based on the time tested healing qualities of ingredients known for centuries to help.

And the claim is not to just lift, not to just tighten or pull, but to sooth, to heal, they are highly anti-inflammatory and they can fit into absolutely any skin care regimen, whether it is designed by a doctor, or a skin care specialist…

Say if you were stranded on a desert island and could only take just one product – what product would that be? I say it should be my Face Oil (Liquid Gem). Because this product can be used all over your face, all over the neck, all over your body – basically if it’s got skin it’s good for it.

Lots of my successful friends use expensive dept store lines, Newman Marcus, Saks, etc like La Prairie, Sisley, Cream La Mer they are fabulous creations, they are fine and that is not going to be debated here.

But I find that my clients who rely on my products that I created and developed, and they have used for years under my guidance, they cost a fraction of what some my friends pay in major department stores. And I can tell you my clients, they look better, they look fresher, their skin is glowing and the money that is left in their pocket, that they did not spend on a super expensive skin care that money they can spend on something else, whatever else they desire.

Caring for Oily Skin

There are several common sense steps you can take to control your oily skin as well as T-zone problems.

First, whatever skin type you have, your skin must be properly cleansed and exfoliated. This is required to prepare your skin for the next important step – moisturizing.

For cleansing use a gentle, soap-free face cleansers that are not harsh and of non-drying type like the Oridel Foaming Face Cleanser with Sea Buckthorn Oil extract which is a very gentle soap-free cleanser and it also removes make-up.

Use a mild Micro-Dermabrasion scrub 2-3 times a week after cleansing. Remember that using coarse scrubs on a daily basis can produce irritation and, in fact, can lead to more oil production.  A good example of a light scrub good for oily skin also would be Oridel Chamomile Micro-Dermabrazion Cream which has super fine texture and is gentle for all skin types even the most sensitive.


Do not avoid moisturizers because of your oily skin.  Moisturizers should keep your skin properly hydrated and form a protective layer on the surface of the skin.

Protecting your skin with a SPF-30 minimum sun screen is the best way to keep your skin free of brown spots and discoloration. Make sure that your sun screen is non-comodogenic.

Check out the Oridel Green Tea SPF-30 Cream with sun screen – it can double as a day-time moisturizer.

Try a product containing AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) into your daily routine. Creams containing AHA increase collagen production and as a result you will see your wrinkles and hollow lines lessen. AHA cream will gently exfoliate your skin reducing oily buildup and – an important benefit – the pores will look smaller due to continuing exfoliation that the AHA based creams offer.

Oscar Night – Step 1 – Glycolic Moisturizer

Moisturizer contains Glycolic Acid- one of a well-known Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) which is very useful in organic synthesis in combination with other active ingredients like Salicylic Acid, easily penetrates the skin, exfoliates dead cells and stimulates regeneration of a new healthy skin layer. It has a light silky texture and unlike many other AHA moisturizers does not cause irritation.

Long term use of this exfoliating moisturizer will visibly improve the skin texture, will make pores look smaller and will minimize the accumulation of comedones (blackheads)

Every now and then you would want to give your skin a break and just go to bed with a light hydrating protective serum – great for summer time. Oridel Green Tea Supercharger Serum is a great example of such a serum.

Protecting your skin with a SPF-30 minimum sun screen is the best way to keep your skin free of brown spots and discoloration. Make sure that you sun screen is non-comodogenic.

Check out the Oridel Green Tea SPF-30 Cream with sun screen – it can double as a day-time moisturizer

Dry Skin Solution

Dry Skin Solution

Dry skin is one of the most common skin problems. In order to stay supple and soft your skin needs to retain its natural moisture. Harsh weather conditions, especially in the winter, direct sunlight and even things like central heating in our homes or offices have the effect of drying the skin out, and it quickly loses its natural moisture and oil leading to dry flaky and chapped skin.

Restoration of natural moisture and oil balance results in improvement of the skin’s protective barrier and improves its appearance.

The solution to your dry skin problem is found in combination of gentle non-stripping, soap-less cleanser (such as Oridel Face Foaming Cleanser), serums (such as Green Tea Supercharger Serum) and  moisturizers (Oridel Liquid Gem, Silk or Velvet) that restore the moisture and oil balance.

Simples steps to eliminate dry skin.

1.    Cleanse

Cleanse with Oridel Face Foaming Cleanser with Sea Buckthorn. This soap-less formula leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.

2.    Restore H2O Balance

Apply Oridel active Green Tea Supercharger Serum-Gel all over your face including the under eye area. This will restore the water balance in your skin. This formula is like green salad for your skin containing all-important antioxidants and vitamins.

This will accomplish the first part of your Dry Skin Solution – restoration of your skin’s H2O balance. But as we know even the best green salad will not be fully assimilated by your body unless you supplement it with oil.

3.    Restore Oil Balance

Most people with slightly dry skin or younger women and men will benefit from just this simple combination of Green Tea Supercharger Serum and Liquid Gem Face Oil: Two pumps of Green Tea Supercharger followed by one pump (3-4 drops) of the Liquid Gem Face Oil and you are all set!

However for many pre- and postmenopausal women especially in the winter dry season the addition of a moisturizing cream may be very beneficial. Just follow the application of the Green Tea Supercharger Serum in the step 2 and seal the moisture by applying the Oridel Velvet Moisturizing Cream. This truly unique rich “miracle” cream with Sea Buckthorn is your go-to solution for the delicate under eye and neck areas as well.

If you are having dry skin issues but also have oily areas like T-zone please try Oridel Silk Moisturizing Cream with Sea Buckthorn. Oridel Silk is a lighter, thinner cream that works for practically any skin type. Once again, use Green Tea Supercharger Serum first to restore the water balance and then, right away, without waiting for it to dry follow with the Oridel Silk cream and blend two products while spreading them over your face.

Another wonderful product we recommend for harsh dry conditions is Oridel Park Avenue Serum with Emu Oil. It is luxurious in texture and is incredibly soothing for dry skin.  This product will be your constant companion when you take trips and have to fly. A couple of pumps of the Park Avenue serum following the Green Tea Supercharger serum, before you step on the plane, is all you need to give your skin that glowing complexion and to protect your skin from super dry air during the flight.

We can’t imagine boarding the plane without it! We even re-apply this combo once or twice for longer flights!

Cucumber Protocol

Cucumber Protocol

Treat dark circles at home without

Everyone says that it’s great to use the cucumber slices over the eyes to take the swelling out of the eye and to reduce hyper pigmentation below the eyes. But the piece of cucumber by itself actually serves no purpose – all it does is touch the brow bone to the lower part of the eye, it does not really goes smoothly over the eye socket itself. What you have to do is to take a cucumber, grate it on a fine grater, squeeze the juice of the cucumber grates, and absorb the juice into a cotton ball or a cotton pad, then place it over your eye. This is a true cucumber juice compress that will actually make a difference, unlike the just the slice itself.

The best part is that you can use the cucumber juice to treat discoloration anywhere on the body, but it is best when used under the eyes. It is great because it is refreshing, reduces the swelling, puffiness, fabulous in the morning, and is 100% safe, you can have no reaction from that and it is quick. Just make sure you always have a cucumber in your fridge and a cotton ball, and you are ready to go.

If you’re out of cucumbers, use a potato—it’ll do the exact same thing as the cucumber juice.

What are the beauty secrets to maintain a youthful look?

What are the beauty secrets to maintain a youthful look?

In my opinion the best way to maintain a youthful look is by sticking to a regimen, choosing a way of life and then following your principals. One of my “beauty secrets” is discipline, proper diet and exercise, as corny as it may sound. Without the discipline there is no success in anything. Maintaining beauty and youthful look is a lifelong project; it’s a lengthy, but delightful process. Looking good is not just about delighting yourself when you look in the mirror, but also if you are easy on somebody else’s eyes, you exhibit energy that is very contagious. Friends like you, men like you.

Women constantly gravitate to me as soon as they find out what I do for living, because they hope to learn something from me. I am not pretending to be a “know-it-all” but I do know a few things and I definitely practice what I preach. I practice good dietary habits, I exercise, I practice holistic approach and that includes a great diet based on basic food (whatever was popular in the times of Bible) – the most basic approach to food – the less you cook, the fewer sauces you use the better – less processed foods!

Exercise every day, even if you cannot do your 30- 45 min a day, you can do something: sit ups, pushups, free weights while you are watching TV, and of course your daily beauty regimen. Discipline is key to everything in life, career, relationships, personal care, everything! The skin care school that I went to: Elisabeth Grady School, I give them a lot of credit for instilling that very important component in me: always showing up for work, never looking for excuses not to look your absolute best. Just always put your best foot forward!