Marina on Anti-Aging

Marina on anti-aging skincare basics, plastic surgery and maintaining that youthful look:

Plastic Surgery – am I for or against? Avoid or go for it? Does it work, and for how long?
I would say I am agnostic about it: it is here, people have access to it and some, (many!) will do it no matter what others say. Why? Because it gives immediate results! So I say do not reject plastic surgery per se, but do try to delay it as much as possible!
After 30 years of running a booming clinical skincare practice, I am constantly asked by my clients and friends: how do you stay looking so young? Did you have a face lift? Did you have something done?  When I say I did not have a face lift yet but I did have some minor procedures (later I will talk about them as well) some are surprised: how do you manage to look so amazing without the surgery? I thank them for their kind words and blame everything on genes. But in truth, while genes do matter, one can lose an advantage of good genes very easily just as one can overcome “genes disadvantage” by the way they choose to live. I emphasize the word choose because  the best way to maintain a youthful look is by establishing a daily regimen, which is like choosing a way of life and then following your principals – and it is entirely up to us, all excuses aside!

One of my “beauty secrets” is the discipline in following proper diet and exercise – as corny as it may sound. Without the discipline there is no success in anything. Maintaining beauty and youthful look is a lifelong project; it’s a lengthy but a delightful process. It may not be for everyone, we all know some people who do not look like they take care of themselves and that’s a sin, because they most likely are not happy with themselves. Looking good it’s not just delighting yourself looking in the mirror, but also if you are easy on somebody else’s eyes, you exhibit energy that is very contagious. Friends like you, men like you…

So lots of people think that going through plastic surgery they will stop the aging process. But we all understand that it is not possible: the minute the plastic surgeon puts his scalpel down the aging process continuous. Yes you look amazing right after this, especially if you are in the hands of a skillful surgeon, but as you get off the table the aging process goes on.

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