I am in this business to simplify women’s lives

I am in this business to simplify women’s lives, to break myths of “hugely effective” and “easy” skin care regimens that consist of many, many steps anyway, and a lot of them are just gimmicky steps.

I want to make women’s lives as easy as possible, I want them to spend the least amount of time taking care of their faces, but I want to show them the way to get the maximum benefits for the time and money they spend.

Every year new products come to the market and every year women come in to my business and they ask me if this or that product is worth their time and their money.

Most of the time I say no, because when the new products come out they do not have a history of performance, often the manufacturer’s claims are over the top, and who would ask for an honest report from them? Remember when you come to a department store counter to buy skin care, the person on the other side needs to make a sale, that is how they get paid, and who can blame them for trying to make a living?!

But I must look into my clients’ eyes for years to come, and I have been in this business for 28 years! I recommend no product until I have tried it on myself for a period of time to find its effectiveness and possible side effects, and only then I might bring it into my practice, and that is how I keep my clients for years and years, and work with their children, and now with their children’s children!

We all know that in order to keep the skin youthful looking you have to follow some basic steps of a skin care regimen: you have to cleanse your skin, you have to use astringent or a toner that helps to remove or reduce the cleanser’s film if there is any left and to prep the skin for the steps of moisturizing, and/or a night treatment.

Also you have to use exfoliates of different sorts to keep the skin fresh, to make sure that any product that you are going to put on your clean skin will have the best ability to penetrate the outer barrier of the skin.

What I learned from my experience of now close to 28 years is that simplicity is a key to any woman’s successful skin care regimen. If it is something unduly complicated, involves too many steps, she is not going to do it! Who has time? Whether it’s a housewife who has a husband and children to take care of, or a busy working woman, nobody has time for 25 steps, or a lot of jars in their possession!

I feel strongly that people need to understand why they use certain products and why they go through certain steps. Without going into the science they have to be able to explain that this product is a Microdermabrazion cream, and it polishes my skin, and it allows anything else that goes on top of it to be able to be absorbed better. If it’s a toner (or Astringent as I call it) they have to be able to explain that this is something that will reduce the amount of makeup or oils that may be left on my skin to the bare minimum, so, again, anything that goes on top of the skin will penetrate even better. Every step has to make sense – it is like a puzzle and each piece of the puzzle has to fit.

So my point is that without going after any big “scientific” names, without having too many products women just have to have the basics – but those basics have to be effective.

And this is my point in having created this line: for women being able to relate, being able to explain to their girlfriends, or anybody else, why they use it, what the products consist of, and basically, just feeling good about what they are doing, enjoying product’s feel under their hands when they apply them, and, of course, the results.

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