Can Oridel Liquid Gem Face Oil Be Used as Moisturizer Alone?

asked by our customer Erica on July 9, 2017

Absolutely! The idea of using face oils as moisturizer goes back to ancient times. It is really an old-school beauty secret that made a recent comeback. Oridel LIQUID GEM FACE OIL is one of the most trusted and time tested remedies. Yes, LIQUID GEM Face Oil is a moisturizer and doesn’t have to be combined with moisturizing creams or lotions. Depending on your skin type you may feel the need to use a traditional heavier textured lubricant along with LIQUID GEM, but that should be your decision. In my practice, younger women love using LIQUID GEM alone in the morning and at night. Some women after 45 prefer to layer LIQUID GEM with Oridel Silk Day Cream (thin cream with abundance of sea buckthorn) or Oridel Velvet Night Cream (rich cream), and also varieties of combinations could be seasonal.

Just like women choose to layer clothing in the winter – a silky camisole with a wool, cotton or cashmere sweater on top – LIQUID GEM acts as the layer closest to the skin with Oridel Silk or Velvet on top, or blended together at the same time. In the summer, when using LIQUID GEM in the morning, I recommend a pump of LIQUID GEM, then SPF over it. SPF is a must, but it hardly ever offers proper nutrients to the skin as the LIQUID GEM does.

To briefly summarize the benefits of LIQUID GEM used as a moisturizer:

– It protects skin against wrinkles because it’s packed with antioxidants
– helps with dryness resulting from sun damage and hormonal depletion due to menopause
– LIQUID GEM deeply penetrates the layers of the skin, strengthening our natural skin barrier
– LIQUID GEM is a perfect primer/base for makeup application. Your skin will look plumper and LIQUID GEM will create that “glow from within look”
– LIQUID GEM makes pores smaller. This is based on years of working with this amazing product. Within a few months of starting with Oridel LIQUID GEM the pores will shrink
– this particular face oil is bio-identical, similar to our oil secretions due to the ingredient selection
– dermatologists LOVE LIQUID GEM – it calms down rashes, is a strong anti-inflammatory, mixes beautifully with lots of prescription topical meds, helps skin recover after laser procedures
– oily skin can be normalized using LIQUID GEM systematically.

Please tune in to listen to Dr. L. Barazani’s testimonial on the benefits of LIQUID GEM

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