How to re-start your skincare regimen quick and easy!

I recently again received a question on my website asking how to re-start or start a new skincare regimen. Believe me, I am constantly asked about it and I understand why: our lives are so busy, we all, and especially women, must take care of so many things – family, work, finances, etc. No wonder your skincare regimen may have been neglected at times. But remember, to get real benefits you must be consistent with it! And do not worry – you can get back on track fairly quickly (but not without some effort and discipline)!
Your skincare regimen should be easy and effective, and while it does not have to cost a fortune it will require some expense – let’s be realistic good quality skincare products do cost money. Ideally, your skincare regimen would include several steps using products like cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, neck cream, and more. That takes devotion!

But what about the bare bone basics?

A little story: thirty years ago I became a student at Elizabeth Grady Face First, the best skincare school back then. On the day one our instructor invited us into her office one new student at a time, to analyze our skin and make treatment recommendations.
Each student walked out with three products: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. The products were matched to our skin type. Our instructions were to follow this regimen twice a day. One month later, our teacher re-analyzed our skin. What a difference! – instead of trusting a department store sales person at the cosmetic counter, or spending hours in drugstores not knowing what to grab off the shelves, with her minimal guidance our faces were softer, smoother, with fewer blackheads. And one the most important components of the teacher’s advice was, stay on course and be disciplined!
Today when I see a client for the first time I make sure that they have these three very important starter products: a cleanser, a toner (astringent), and a moisturizer. In one month my clients will see the difference. In the follow up appointments we can add some other important components to make the regimen complete.
Here are the three power starters:
Cleanser: Oridel Face Foaming Cleanser,
Toner: Oridel Green Tea Purifying Astringent,
Moisturizer: Oridel Regenerating Face Oil – the most universal moisturizer! Also check out: Oridel Day Cream Silk  and Oridel Night Cream Velvet Ultra