Which ingredients will heal my skin?

The skin is an essential organ, one that protects your body from bacteria while at the same time allowing it to absorb valuable nutrients. However, it is quite common for the skin to get damaged. In most cases, the extent of the damage is not serious and your body starts undergoing repairs straight away so that your skin returns to its previous state. Most common problems with skin are purely cosmetic: wrinkles, dryness of the skin, acne etc. Your body has a system in place that is meant to deal with such problems, but you can help increase the speed of the healing process by using various products that contain healthy ingredients that will help heal skin.

Numerous oils such as sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil, rosewood oil, neroli oil and calendula oil are all very useful. Avocado oil is rich in many vitamins and is capable of penetrating the skin deeply in order to reduce age spots and heal sun damage. Calendula oil is not only great at fighting off viruses and bacteria, but it can also be used to heal scars, burns, and abrasions. For acne wounds and sunburns the best ingredient is sea buckthorn oil. At the same time, rosewood oil will increase cell regeneration so it works great on all kinds of skin damage. Neroli oil is also good for skin regeneration and is capable of preventing the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles and scar tissue.

Besides oils your skin will also benefit from other ingredients such as ascorbic acid that improves regeneration as well as increases skin immunity, making it much harder for it to get damaged in the future. Retynil-palmitate is very useful because it improves regeneration speeds as well as making your skin more elastic, allowing it to withstand more damage in the future. Chamomile has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that will sooth the skin and ensure a smooth healing process.

If you want your skin to be strong and resistant, you should look to increase the quantities of antioxidants your body absorbs. These are vital for your system and prevent damage from being caused to the skin. You can find them in many products, but ingredients such as green tea extract, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, retinol and sesame oil have the highest concentration of antioxidants.

A wonderful product that will keep your skin clean and healthy is our Liquid Gem Amber Body and Hair Oil. Oridel’s Liquid Gem Amber Body and Hair Oil works to treat, repair and restore your natural beauty. The potency of precious botanical oils including sea buckthorn provides skin and hair with a long lasting, radiant glow and an unparalleled soft, velvety touch. A semi-precious amber stone is found within every bottle.

What will help me keep my skin clean and healthy?

We all like to have healthy and beautiful looking skin, but this usually cannot be done if we do not treat it properly. It is very important to keep skin clean and healthy as it is exposed to harmful materials every day. Most of these you are unable to avoid: they include powerful sunlight, very cold winds, smoke, pollution etc. You regularly get attacked by bacteria and viruses that could also damage your skin. This leads to problems such as dryness, pimples, acne, wrinkles, all skin conditions that can be avoided if you use the right products.

The key here is to know what ingredients work best for what problem. For antibacterial properties, for example, you should look for sesame oil, calendula oil and arnica oil. The high level of antioxidants will protect your skin from damage, as well as increase its resistance in the face of bacterial infections. The sesame oil, especially, contains amino-acids, lecithin, vitamin E and powerful minerals that are capable of keeping away bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Speaking of fungal infections, they are indeed a common problem and one that could potentially do a lot of harm, not only in terms of how it damages your body, but also how it affects your appearance. In order to prevent such issues you could use products that have sesame oil in them or calendula oil. What is great about the calendula oil is that it works great on all skin types. It provides extra regeneration and also adds another layer of protection when it comes to all kinds of potential attackers.

Lastly, the final problem you want to concern yourself with are viruses. Like before, sesame oil works wonders at helping you ward off viral infections. Besides that, however, you should also use products with rosewood oil. It also works on all skin types and comes with great healing properties that will stimulate cell and tissue regeneration. This means less time during which your skin is healing and, therefore, less time where you are exposed to a viral infection. That, combined with its antiseptic qualities makes it ideal for fighting off viruses.

A wonderful product that will keep your skin clean and healthy is our Face Cleanser with Sea Buckthorn. It is a gentle facial cleanser wash foam with Sea Buckthorn that will foam away impurities and leave your skin bright and perfectly clean while preserving the bactericidal properties of your skin. It contains soothing and moisturizing components and the soap-free formula leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Which Ingredients Will Help Me Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging that occur as we get older. We cannot stop them and we eventually have to learn to accept their presence, but we can delay their arrival. Aging is only one of the causes of wrinkles. It causes the skin to be less elastic and the inner layer, known as the dermis, will become thinner, eventually leading to wrinkles. However, other factors also play an important role. Too much exposure to sunlight will damage your skin and cause a multitude of problems which also includes wrinkles. Smoking is also bad for your skin as it inhibits your body’s production of collagen which is necessary in order to keep skin looking young and beautiful. Lastly, overuse of facial contractions such as smiling, squinting and frowning are also though to cause frown lines and crow’s feet.

Even though wrinkles will appear sooner or later, you can delay the process as long as possible by using various products that contain ingredients which will help you keep your skin looking young and supple. You should be on the lookout for argan oil which is not only an ideal skin protector, but is also capable of preventing wrinkles. Sea buckthorn oil contains a lot of nutrients and is useful for anti-aging purposes. Evening primrose oil has a high concentration of linolenic acid that helps it hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Neroli oil can be used to protect your skin from bacteria and viruses and also comes with a lovely exotic aroma. Lastly, jojoba oil is very similar to sebum that once applied it can balance skin oil production.

If not for oils, you should also watch out for cosmetic products containing green tea extract. This is another powerful antioxidant that will improve the strength of the capillary walls and make your skin more resistant. Hyaluronic acid is also useful because it replenishes the water levels in your skin until they reach normal, thus ensuring that you do not have dry skin which is more prone to developing wrinkles. Lastly, you should also know that anything with vitamin E is beneficial for your skin. It protects it from environmental damage such as pollution and ultraviolet light and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and age spots.

Two great products that will help prevent wrinkles are our Liquid Gem Face Oil and Green Tea SuperchargerLiquid Gem Face Oil is a carefully balanced botanical blend of organic and chemicals-free oils and is one of our finest facial moisturizers. The Green Tea Supercharger is an active Serum-Gel moisturizer for intensive rejuvenating and restorative care of face and neck skin. A rich complex of active components nourishes, moisturizes, and facilitates its protective activity for a long period of time. Also contains Caviar Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and CoQ10. Green Tea “Supercharger” provides ultimate prevention of visible signs of aging.