Soothing Skin Treatments

These days, as we know, there are multiple “fabulous” products flooding the market, one better than the other, and the claims are humongous: every other company claims that it has found a “fountain of youth”.

In reality we know that there are only a few things that really work. They can work on the cellular level, they are tretinoic acids  – Retin A, (or Retinol, Renova, Tezerac, etc); anti-oxidants and acids (like Glycolic acid). So these are the key ingredients that can make a difference. Unfortunately, Retin A , Retinol, etc and Glycolic acid even though they reconstitute the skin, they will also make the skin surface very sensitive and sometimes peely and red. We do need to use these products, but to do it with minimum irritation, you have to balance it with something which is soothing and not irritating. My Liquid Gem comes into play with a number of great ingredients, starting with Sea Buckthorn Oil which is a great anti-burning, anti-inflammatory cure.

I’ll give you an example: take a woman 45-50 plus, she went to a dermatologist and he recommended a laser treatment for her in order to rejuvenate her skin. Ok, no problem, so she goes and has her treatment done. After the treatment her skin is incredibly sensitive, its pink, its oozing, or is just flaky. What to do? The first product in the line of defense would be Liquid Gem. The oil is a highly anti-inflammatory treatment and it will balance it without any chemicals and it will do it extremely quickly. Sea Buckthorn is one of the ingredients and is especially good at stabilizing the skin and healing burns.

Or take another scenario where a person goes to a dermatologist and gets an anti-aging protocol which includes Retin A, Tezerac, or one of those retinoid acid products. She uses the product for a week and realizes that her skin is incredibly sensitive, and she cannot continue her treatment because her skin is angry, is red and flaky. So what to do? Well, there is a technique which is called buffering with a moisturizer and I would suggest, again, using our Liquid Gem which will be absorbed into the skin within minutes. You would just prep the skin with this product, let it absorb for about 10 minutes, and then go ahead and use your Retin A, (or Retinol, Renova, Tezerac, etc) treatment.

You will get the results, they may come a bit slower but you will not pay the price of the sensitive, irritated skin.