Can Oridel Liquid Gem Face Oil Be Used as Moisturizer Alone?

asked by our customer Erica on July 9, 2017

Absolutely! The idea of using face oils as moisturizer goes back to ancient times. It is really an old-school beauty secret that made a recent comeback. Oridel LIQUID GEM FACE OIL is one of the most trusted and time tested remedies. Yes, LIQUID GEM Face Oil is a moisturizer and doesn’t have to be combined with moisturizing creams or lotions. Depending on your skin type you may feel the need to use a traditional heavier textured lubricant along with LIQUID GEM, but that should be your decision. In my practice, younger women love using LIQUID GEM alone in the morning and at night. Some women after 45 prefer to layer LIQUID GEM with Oridel Silk Day Cream (thin cream with abundance of sea buckthorn) or Oridel Velvet Night Cream (rich cream), and also varieties of combinations could be seasonal.

Just like women choose to layer clothing in the winter – a silky camisole with a wool, cotton or cashmere sweater on top – LIQUID GEM acts as the layer closest to the skin with Oridel Silk or Velvet on top, or blended together at the same time. In the summer, when using LIQUID GEM in the morning, I recommend a pump of LIQUID GEM, then SPF over it. SPF is a must, but it hardly ever offers proper nutrients to the skin as the LIQUID GEM does.

To briefly summarize the benefits of LIQUID GEM used as a moisturizer:

– It protects skin against wrinkles because it’s packed with antioxidants
– helps with dryness resulting from sun damage and hormonal depletion due to menopause
– LIQUID GEM deeply penetrates the layers of the skin, strengthening our natural skin barrier
– LIQUID GEM is a perfect primer/base for makeup application. Your skin will look plumper and LIQUID GEM will create that “glow from within look”
– LIQUID GEM makes pores smaller. This is based on years of working with this amazing product. Within a few months of starting with Oridel LIQUID GEM the pores will shrink
– this particular face oil is bio-identical, similar to our oil secretions due to the ingredient selection
– dermatologists LOVE LIQUID GEM – it calms down rashes, is a strong anti-inflammatory, mixes beautifully with lots of prescription topical meds, helps skin recover after laser procedures
– oily skin can be normalized using LIQUID GEM systematically.

Please tune in to listen to Dr. L. Barazani’s testimonial on the benefits of LIQUID GEM

Oridel Liquid Gem Regenerating Face Oil – Enter to Win

Oridel’s LIQUID GEM™ Regenerating Face Oil uses the healing processes of natural botanicals to bring your skin a warm dewy glow that seems to shine from within. Just one pump from this bottle can significantly soothe your skin, and especially skin damaged by the application of drying retinol treatments or other medications. Yet it is light and refreshing, does not feel oily or heavy, and has been specifically formulated to have a pleasing aroma that won’t overpower the senses. Each bottle of this liquid facial moisturizer also contains a Citrine stone to enhance the powers of the botanicals.

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Oridel Liquid Gem Intimate Oil

For years ORIDEL brand has been known for its transformative skin care products. ORIDEL LIQUID GEM FACE OIL and ORIDEL LIQUID GEM AMBER BODY OIL achieve extraordinary results by using healing powers of natural botanicals to reduce signs of aging and to completely recondition the skin of your body and face.

Now ORIDEL is offering a natural solution for rejuvenation of vaginal tissues: ORIDEL LIQUID GEM INTIMATE OIL. This amazing new ORIDEL product was designed with a goal to help pre- and post-menopausal women to rejuvenate the delicate vaginal tissues without using hormones, parabens, artificial fragrances, or anything containing substances like petroleum, silicon or glycerin. Similar to applying a moisturizer to the face the ORIDEL Intimate Oil should be an important part of the daily regimen. ORIDEL recommends once a day application, AM or PM. Consistent long term use of this product will promote and enhance vaginal health by natural means without side effects of drugs.

Ingredients and their effects on vaginal health

LIQUID GEM INTIMATE OIL contains exceptional selection of the best quality organic natural oils that delivery important and numerous benefits for vaginal tissues rejuvenation: Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Calendula Oil, Lavender, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Babassu Oil, Shea Olein Oil Bergamot Essential Oil and Evening Primrose Oil.
Every ingredient of the ORIDEL formula is deeply absorbable into vaginal tissue

  • Delivers natural antifungal and antiviral properties and have a powerful antioxidant effect.
  • Improve strength and hydration of tissues, provide regenerating effect, and help fight infections.
  • Effective in aiding the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal infections and inflamed vaginal tissues. Rich in Vitamin E and Phytosterols which act as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents.
  • Especially beneficial for a dry or irritated vaginal lining as vitamins A, C and D help to relieve vaginal dryness immediately. It quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves it well nourished and supple. High concentration of Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Linoleic Acid and other nutrients in this product are essential for cells structure and improve the elasticity of the skin and It works wonders in treating itchiness and dryness of the delicate vaginal tissues as it forms a protective, soothing coat and reduces transdermal water loss from mucous membranes.
  • It is also an excellent deodorant. It’s refreshing aroma and disinfecting properties inhibit odor causing germs.

More detailed information on Intimate Oil ingredients is found at

How to re-start your skincare regimen quick and easy!

I recently again received a question on my website asking how to re-start or start a new skincare regimen. Believe me, I am constantly asked about it and I understand why: our lives are so busy, we all, and especially women, must take care of so many things – family, work, finances, etc. No wonder your skincare regimen may have been neglected at times. But remember, to get real benefits you must be consistent with it! And do not worry – you can get back on track fairly quickly (but not without some effort and discipline)!
Your skincare regimen should be easy and effective, and while it does not have to cost a fortune it will require some expense – let’s be realistic good quality skincare products do cost money. Ideally, your skincare regimen would include several steps using products like cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, neck cream, and more. That takes devotion!

But what about the bare bone basics?

A little story: thirty years ago I became a student at Elizabeth Grady Face First, the best skincare school back then. On the day one our instructor invited us into her office one new student at a time, to analyze our skin and make treatment recommendations.
Each student walked out with three products: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. The products were matched to our skin type. Our instructions were to follow this regimen twice a day. One month later, our teacher re-analyzed our skin. What a difference! – instead of trusting a department store sales person at the cosmetic counter, or spending hours in drugstores not knowing what to grab off the shelves, with her minimal guidance our faces were softer, smoother, with fewer blackheads. And one the most important components of the teacher’s advice was, stay on course and be disciplined!
Today when I see a client for the first time I make sure that they have these three very important starter products: a cleanser, a toner (astringent), and a moisturizer. In one month my clients will see the difference. In the follow up appointments we can add some other important components to make the regimen complete.
Here are the three power starters:
Cleanser: Oridel Face Foaming Cleanser,
Toner: Oridel Green Tea Purifying Astringent,
Moisturizer: Oridel Regenerating Face Oil – the most universal moisturizer! Also check out: Oridel Day Cream Silk  and Oridel Night Cream Velvet Ultra

Face Oil + Multinutrient Face Mask

ORIDEL Liquid Gem Face Oil together with ORIDEL Multinutrient Face Mask

Combining the Oridel Liquid Gem Face Oil with Oridel Multinutrient Face Masque will reward you with the ultimate care for your skin. Cumulative and transformative effect after just two weeks of these two products together will make you believe that change can actually happen! Benefits of synergy of these products working together:

  • Your skin will appear firmer and more elastic;
  • Redness will be reduced;
  • Pore size minimized
  • Dead cells resulted from harsh weather, using exfoliating products and
    insufficient hydration, will be eliminated;
  • Transdermal water loss will be reduced.

Best benefits are achieved if Face Masque is used on top of the Liquid Gem Face Oil nightly or at least twice a week.

  • Cleanse your skin;
  • Massage a small amount of Liquid Gem Face Oil gently into your face and neck;
  • Apply a small amount of Multinutrient Face Masque to your forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Use upward strokes on your forehead, outward strokes on your cheeks, and downward strokes on your chin and neck;
  • Apply additional coat of Face Masque for deeper conditioning in case of very dry skin.

For daytime application cleanse and tone your skin, apply a generous amount of the Face Masque over your face and neck. For best results you can use it over a small amount of Liquid Gem Face Oil. This gentle masque can remain on the skin for hours, but we recommend at least 30 minutes for a visible nourishing effect.

This is a carefully balanced botanical blend of organic and chemicals-free oils and is one of our finest facial moisturizers. Liquid Gem™ uses superior quality oils known for their anti-inflammatory, healing, skin-soothing, softening, and anti-aging properties. This is a potent deep penetrating blend for reducing the signs of dry and aging skin. Carefully designed combination of active healing ingredients is superb for daily use and especially great for post-peel and post-laser applications. Beneficial for such conditions as acne rosacea, atopic dermatitis and eczema. When your skin needs extra hydration use Liquid Gem™ facial moisturizer for a concentrated moisture boost. Or mix a drop or two of Liquid Gem™ with your liquid make-up foundation and enjoy that “lit-from-inside” look!

This versatile treatment masque delivers intense daytime or overnight transformation of the skin leading to superior hydration and improved texture. Helps to enhance micro circulation and epidermal regeneration, to improve skin smoothness, softness, elasticity and radiance while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness. The masque also contains the best quality Sea Buckthorn Oil which is unsurpassed in providing even more rich nutrients for the improved metabolism of a healthy skin. Recommended for normal, normal to dry, dehydrated and undernourished skin.

Oridel LiquidGem Face Oil

This Oridel Liquid Gem Regenerating Face Oil was developed by Marina, a clinical skincare expert with 30 years of experience running a booming skincare spa practice
It is not just an ordinary moisturizer nor is it like any other face oil on the market: Marina created Liquid Gem after listening to her clients for years – women, men, teenagers and especially those clients over forty. She set out a goal to create a product capable of eliminating black heads, diminishing pore size, minimizing rosacea, healing acne scarring and yes, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

Only natural products are used in Liquid Gem and they are not diluted. We do not use any artificial fragrances – the wonderful scent you smell is that of the healing herbs at their best!

What makes this face oil unique is that in addition to the 16 best natural herbal oils on the market, like Argan, Arnica and Evening Primrose oils, it also contains Sea Buckthorn oil, a “miracle healing cure” – according to Dr Oz.

Liquid Gem Regenerating Face Oil is good for all ages, and almost any skin condition! Men use it on their face after shaving, teenage girls love combining it with a liquid bronzer foundation. Middle aged women love to give themselves that glowing, dewy look that they thought they lost!

Each bottle of this liquid facial moisturizer contains a faceted semi-precious Citrine stone to enhance the powers of the botanicals. Healing powers of gems have been written about since ancient times and crystal healing has been used for spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Many believe that there is a synergistic relationship between the earth’s precious minerals and botanicals and that crystal have specific energies that emit vibrations which correspond to specific physical afflictions. When you finish the bottle of Liquid Gem please take out the gem and either use it for jewelry or just carry it with you as an amulet for luck.

Enjoy this product as a soothing healing moisturizer or use it under your makeup for a dewy, sun-kissed look – just mix a couple of drops with your bronzer/skin illuminator. Smooth over your face and neck and with a touch of blush – you glow girl!

Marina on Anti-Aging

Marina on anti-aging skincare basics, plastic surgery and maintaining that youthful look:

Plastic Surgery – am I for or against? Avoid or go for it? Does it work, and for how long?
I would say I am agnostic about it: it is here, people have access to it and some, (many!) will do it no matter what others say. Why? Because it gives immediate results! So I say do not reject plastic surgery per se, but do try to delay it as much as possible!
After 30 years of running a booming clinical skincare practice, I am constantly asked by my clients and friends: how do you stay looking so young? Did you have a face lift? Did you have something done?  When I say I did not have a face lift yet but I did have some minor procedures (later I will talk about them as well) some are surprised: how do you manage to look so amazing without the surgery? I thank them for their kind words and blame everything on genes. But in truth, while genes do matter, one can lose an advantage of good genes very easily just as one can overcome “genes disadvantage” by the way they choose to live. I emphasize the word choose because  the best way to maintain a youthful look is by establishing a daily regimen, which is like choosing a way of life and then following your principals – and it is entirely up to us, all excuses aside!

One of my “beauty secrets” is the discipline in following proper diet and exercise – as corny as it may sound. Without the discipline there is no success in anything. Maintaining beauty and youthful look is a lifelong project; it’s a lengthy but a delightful process. It may not be for everyone, we all know some people who do not look like they take care of themselves and that’s a sin, because they most likely are not happy with themselves. Looking good it’s not just delighting yourself looking in the mirror, but also if you are easy on somebody else’s eyes, you exhibit energy that is very contagious. Friends like you, men like you…

So lots of people think that going through plastic surgery they will stop the aging process. But we all understand that it is not possible: the minute the plastic surgeon puts his scalpel down the aging process continuous. Yes you look amazing right after this, especially if you are in the hands of a skillful surgeon, but as you get off the table the aging process goes on.

Chamomile Micro-Dermabrasion Cream by Oridel, enter today to win yours!

Chamomile Micro-Dermabrasion Cream combines a natural exfoliate, resurfacing treatment and anti-wrinkle cream in one product that gently exfoliates the skin to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Natural fruit enzymes, hydrolyzed vitamins, herbal extracts and micronized marine salts enhance the micro-dermabrasion process by assisting in the reduction of sun damage and scarring. Chamomile Micro-Dermabrasion Cream helps to minimize pore size and other skin imperfections while stimulating the production of new and healthy skin cells.

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Which ingredients will heal my skin?

The skin is an essential organ, one that protects your body from bacteria while at the same time allowing it to absorb valuable nutrients. However, it is quite common for the skin to get damaged. In most cases, the extent of the damage is not serious and your body starts undergoing repairs straight away so that your skin returns to its previous state. Most common problems with skin are purely cosmetic: wrinkles, dryness of the skin, acne etc. Your body has a system in place that is meant to deal with such problems, but you can help increase the speed of the healing process by using various products that contain healthy ingredients that will help heal skin.

Numerous oils such as sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil, rosewood oil, neroli oil and calendula oil are all very useful. Avocado oil is rich in many vitamins and is capable of penetrating the skin deeply in order to reduce age spots and heal sun damage. Calendula oil is not only great at fighting off viruses and bacteria, but it can also be used to heal scars, burns, and abrasions. For acne wounds and sunburns the best ingredient is sea buckthorn oil. At the same time, rosewood oil will increase cell regeneration so it works great on all kinds of skin damage. Neroli oil is also good for skin regeneration and is capable of preventing the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles and scar tissue.

Besides oils your skin will also benefit from other ingredients such as ascorbic acid that improves regeneration as well as increases skin immunity, making it much harder for it to get damaged in the future. Retynil-palmitate is very useful because it improves regeneration speeds as well as making your skin more elastic, allowing it to withstand more damage in the future. Chamomile has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that will sooth the skin and ensure a smooth healing process.

If you want your skin to be strong and resistant, you should look to increase the quantities of antioxidants your body absorbs. These are vital for your system and prevent damage from being caused to the skin. You can find them in many products, but ingredients such as green tea extract, jojoba oil, sea buckthorn oil, retinol and sesame oil have the highest concentration of antioxidants.

A wonderful product that will keep your skin clean and healthy is our Liquid Gem Amber Body and Hair Oil. Oridel’s Liquid Gem Amber Body and Hair Oil works to treat, repair and restore your natural beauty. The potency of precious botanical oils including sea buckthorn provides skin and hair with a long lasting, radiant glow and an unparalleled soft, velvety touch. A semi-precious amber stone is found within every bottle.

What will help me keep my skin clean and healthy?

We all like to have healthy and beautiful looking skin, but this usually cannot be done if we do not treat it properly. It is very important to keep skin clean and healthy as it is exposed to harmful materials every day. Most of these you are unable to avoid: they include powerful sunlight, very cold winds, smoke, pollution etc. You regularly get attacked by bacteria and viruses that could also damage your skin. This leads to problems such as dryness, pimples, acne, wrinkles, all skin conditions that can be avoided if you use the right products.

The key here is to know what ingredients work best for what problem. For antibacterial properties, for example, you should look for sesame oil, calendula oil and arnica oil. The high level of antioxidants will protect your skin from damage, as well as increase its resistance in the face of bacterial infections. The sesame oil, especially, contains amino-acids, lecithin, vitamin E and powerful minerals that are capable of keeping away bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Speaking of fungal infections, they are indeed a common problem and one that could potentially do a lot of harm, not only in terms of how it damages your body, but also how it affects your appearance. In order to prevent such issues you could use products that have sesame oil in them or calendula oil. What is great about the calendula oil is that it works great on all skin types. It provides extra regeneration and also adds another layer of protection when it comes to all kinds of potential attackers.

Lastly, the final problem you want to concern yourself with are viruses. Like before, sesame oil works wonders at helping you ward off viral infections. Besides that, however, you should also use products with rosewood oil. It also works on all skin types and comes with great healing properties that will stimulate cell and tissue regeneration. This means less time during which your skin is healing and, therefore, less time where you are exposed to a viral infection. That, combined with its antiseptic qualities makes it ideal for fighting off viruses.

A wonderful product that will keep your skin clean and healthy is our Face Cleanser with Sea Buckthorn. It is a gentle facial cleanser wash foam with Sea Buckthorn that will foam away impurities and leave your skin bright and perfectly clean while preserving the bactericidal properties of your skin. It contains soothing and moisturizing components and the soap-free formula leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.